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S’mores Nachos


Introducing Campfire S’mores Nachos, a delightful twist on the classic camping treat that promises a fun-filled dessert experience. With the freedom to customize your fillings, this 10-minute delight combines the timeless flavors of chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows, all prepared conveniently in a pan and grilled on a grate. And guess what? You can easily recreate this scrumptious dish in the comfort of your home using an oven or stovetop.

Our Campfire S’mores Nachos provide a delectable departure from the ordinary, transforming a traditional savory meal or handheld sandwich into a mouthwatering dessert. Crafted effortlessly in a disposable baking pan and cooked over a barbecue grill or campfire grate, these nachos are designed to impress.


While the allure of cooking smores over an open flame is undeniable, preparing this sweet nacho masterpiece in an aluminum foil pan allows you to bypass the need for sticks (and the ensuing mess), ensuring that the marshmallows melt perfectly with the chocolate atop the graham crackers.

Unleash your creativity as you explore a world of possibilities with your grilled smores, reveling in the joy of customizing your campfire desserts using foil. Pile your pan high with your preferred combination of sweet and salty snacks, fold it all into a single container, and let the magic happen over the campfire until the marshmallows turn a golden brown and the chocolate achieves a tantalizing melt.

Once ready, grab a spoon or scoop it up (like a s’mores dip) onto graham cracker segments. This nacho-inspired smores dessert presents itself as the ultimate solution for baking open-faced sandwiches in large quantities, perfect for satisfying a hungry crowd craving a delightful treat.


Why We Love Grilled Smores Nachos

  1. Quick and Easy: Craving a delectable dessert in a flash? Look no further. These Grilled S’mores Nachos can be whipped up in just 10 minutes, ensuring instant gratification for your sweet tooth.
  2. Simple Ingredients: Sometimes, the most delightful treats stem from humble beginnings. With just a handful of uncomplicated ingredients, you can create a culinary masterpiece that will leave your taste buds begging for more.
  3. Familiar Flavors: Don’t fret—this reinvented dessert hasn’t strayed far from its roots. Filled with the timeless trio of chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows, Grilled S’mores Nachos pay homage to the classic flavors we all know and love.
  4. No Fire, No Problem: Camping trips may not always provide the luxury of roasting sticks and crackling flames. Fortunately, these campfire-inspired dessert nachos require no open fire. You can enjoy the essence of a s’mores experience without the need for a roaring bonfire.
  5. Contained Convenience: Bid farewell to sticky fingers and messy mishaps. By preparing these delightful treats in a disposable pan, you ensure that the contents remain contained, making for a much neater and hassle-free eating experience.
  6. Family-Friendly Fun: Food has the power to bring people together, and Grilled S’mores Nachos do just that. This family-friendly treat doubles as an exciting activity that can be enjoyed by all ages. Engage in the joy of crafting these delicious nachos as a shared experience that creates lasting memories.

In summary, the reasons we adore Grilled S’mores Nachos are plentiful. From their speedy preparation and simple ingredients to the nostalgic flavors they evoke, these campfire-inspired treats offer a mess-free and inclusive indulgence that brings families together.


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