Crack Chicken Noodle Soup

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became an instant internet sensation when it first emerged. This delectable soup combines chicken, bacon, cream cheese, dry ranch mix, cheddar cheese, and more. It’s a satisfying dinner that the whole family will love. When you’re in the mood for a comforting chicken recipe, Crack Noodle Soup is a must-try.

Here are the reasons why you’ll fall in love with this soup:

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1. It’s an easy soup that’s perfect for the colder weather.

2. This soup is hearty and will leave you feeling completely satisfied.

3. It’s a family-friendly recipe that even kids will enjoy.

4. You can customize the soup by adjusting the ingredients to suit your taste.

5. Whether you’re serving a crowd or just your family, this soup is perfect for any occasion.

6. It reheats exceptionally well, making it a great option for dinners or lunches throughout the week.

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Here are the ingredients you’ll need:

– Chicken: You can use pre-cooked shredded chicken or cook and dice chicken breasts.

– Condensed Soup: Chicken condensed soup adds a creamy texture to the soup.

– Stock: Chicken stock, preferably low-sodium, is ideal for this recipe.

Milk: Whole milk provides a rich flavor, but you can use other types of milk.

– Vegetables: Carrots and celery enhance the soup’s flavor.

– Ranch Dressing Mix: Use dry ranch mix to elevate the flavor.

– Bacon: Cooked and diced thick-cut bacon adds a crispy and flavorful touch.

– Cheese: Mild cheddar cheese is recommended, but you can use any type of cheese.

– Cream Cheese: Cream cheese enriches the flavor and thickens the soup.

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Spaghetti: Use spaghetti or angel hair noodles for the recipe.

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