If the cervical cancer grows and moves to an advanced stage, it can press against the pelvic wall nerves. This can cause pain or swelling in the legs.

7) Back Pain

The cervix can swell and push against nearby blood vessels when cervical cancer has advanced. Then the cervix can block blood flow from the legs to the rest of the body, resulting in pain

wrote WomensHealthMag.com. NHS.uk added that severe back pain can be caused by the kidneys swelling.

8) Pain and Discomfort During Sex

Painful sexual intercourse may result from tumor growth all over the reproductive organs and tissues, that comes from advanced cervical cancer.

9) Urinary Problems

Sometimes cervical cancer can block the kidneys and muscles whose job it is to push urine to the bladder. That can make urinating difficult.


Often symptoms appear when cervical cancer starts growing in nearby tissues. If you present any of the above symptoms, visit your doctor. They may not be cancer, but get them checked.