Often times, we, women, pay a lot of attention to our looks which includes taking care of our physique and even our skin. But what about our nether regions? Topics like sexual health and upkeep of our private parts get pushed to a corner precisely because there is a slight hesitation or stigma attached to these topics. One feels really uncomfortable asking someone about it..


But ladies, I want to tell you that your vaginal health is as, if not more, important as maintaining a perfect visage. After all, a happy vajayjay means a happy you. To make you better equipped to take care of your lady parts and help you keep it in the perfect ten conditions, we decided to do a little bit of research. While doing this research, we found that a few of our everyday habits spell disaster for the health of our front bottoms. Curious to know what they are? Here you go

1. Washing It

Before you say anything, we aren’t saying you should never clean it under the hood. What we are saying is, cleaning there is not like cleaning your armpits or your back — scrubbing and lathering with soap. Scrubbing it is out of the question as it can make the area very raw and uncomfortable. Using soap can also lead to irritation in case you are sensitive down there.

Instead, a splash of water is enough, and if you must use a cleaning solution, go for an unscented, hypoallergenic one, and just apply it using your hands, avoid using a washcloth or a loofah.


2. Sitting In Your Gym Clothes For Far Too Long

We’ve all been there when we make our way to the gym and after a good workout, we’re riding that adrenaline high, and we think that there’s no harm in running a few errands. It might save us a few minutes, but it’s certainly not making our vajayjay happy.

Sweat is the breeding ground for a lot of bacteria including yeast that thrives in moist conditions, so as soon as you’re done with your workout, take off the sweaty workout gear. If possible, try to take a shower at your gym and change into a fresh pair of clothes including underpants before running errands.

3. Wearing Sanitary Pads

Yes, even sanitary pads can spell trouble for your nether regions. If your lady parts are sensitive, then wearing a sanitary napkin all day can irritate it or lead to chafing. If you really wish to continue with the pads, try using ones which are made of cotton.